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Horns screen caps added to the gallery

I have capped and added 839 screen caps from Dan’s latest DVD release ‘Horns’.

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Have I Got News For You

The new series of Have I Got News For You starts tonight and Dan is the first guest host. If your in the UK, you need to be watching at 9pm, BBC 1.

Dirty Harry: Daniel Radcliffe tipped for Grand Theft Auto movie

Daniel Radcliffe is in talks to play the creator of Grand Theft Auto in a drama about the video game impresario’s real-life legal battle against a crusading anti-violence lawyer, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Radcliffe would play Sam Houser, the British-born co-founder of software developer Rockstar Games. The film, currently titled simply Grand Theft Auto, centres on a series of spats between Houser and born again Christian activist and lawyer Jack Thompson in the early years of the 21st century.

Thompson, who was disbarred in 2008 for inappropriate behaviour, was determined to see the hit video game forced to curb its burgeoning penchant for violence. The eccentric activist, who famously compared himself to Batman during his obscenity battles against hip-hop crews 2 Live Crew and NWA in the 1990s, argued repeatedly in a series of murder trials that killings in games encouraged teenage players to plan real-life attacks. He also urged retailers not to sell Grand Theft Auto’s various iterations to minors.

Up-and-coming British director Owen Harris, known for directing episodes of the TV shows Black Mirror and Misfits, will take charge of the film. The project is being put together by BBC Films and has a screenplay in place by James Wood, writer of BBC Two sitcom Rev, based on the book Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto. Casting for the plum role of Thompson has not yet been confirmed, but Harris reportedly plans to shoot as early as this month.

The next major role for Radcliffe, best known for the Harry Potter films, will be Victor Frankenstein in a new take on Mary Shelley’s classic horror tale from studio Universal. Lucky Number Slevin’s Paul McGuigan will direct, with the film due in cinemas this October.


What If screen caps

I have added over 700 screen caps from Dan’s 2014 comedy ‘What If’.

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Jameson Empire Awards

Dan was presenting an award last night with his co-star James McAvoy at the Empire Awards. 66 photos have been added to the gallery as well as a photo shoot between the pair.

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Tom Felton meets the Superfans

Daniel Radcliffe speaks with Tom Felton and shares his opinion on obsessing over books and films for Tom Felton’s BBC 3 documentary.

Daniel Radcliffe Learns Tricks From Magician, Dynamo

The Harry Potter star is getting ready to film a role in Now You See Me: The Second Act, a sequel to 2013 magical heist movie Now You See Me, and he turned to fellow Brit Dynamo for lessons.

The magician, real name Steven Frayne, tells Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper, “I was chilling with Daniel Radcliffe and I showed him all sorts of tricks and skills with cards. Cool things that he can learn and put into the movie.”

The sequel is due for release next year (16).


Daniel Radcliffe returns to host Have I Got News for You next month

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is set to bring a spot of magic (sorry) to the set of Have I Got News for You.

The star, who has recently appeared in rom-com What If and horror film Horns, is poised to present the first episode of the show’s 49th series on Friday 10th April.

It will be Radcliffe’s second stint in the hot seat. The 25-year-old actor presented the topical news quiz back in December 2012.

Only Connect quiz-master Victoria Coren will host the second episode in the series, while controversial Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson, who is currently being investigated by the BBC for allegedly punching a producer, is set to present an episode in May.

“As far as I’m concerned he is hosting Have I Got News for You, the BBC has not told me what to do yet and it will be an interesting conversation,” said Jimmy Mulville, the head of independent producers Hat Trick, at a Broadcasting Press Guild breakfast earlier this week. “He is due to present the third episode which I think is in early May.”

Have I Got News For You returns for a 9-week run on BBC1.


‘Horns’ clips released before Blu-ray/DVD release

The Express newspaper have a couple of clips from the film before the Blu-ray/DVD release date of 16th March. See them below:


Trainwreck trailer released

Dan makes a cameo as a Dog Walker in Trainwreck and the trailer for the comedy was released yesterday. He doesn’t make an appearance in the trailer, but you can watch it below so you can get a feel for what the film will be like.

‘I’m in a relationship with my best friend’

When it comes to their CVs, few actors can boast that they’ve gone from child stardom to appearing naked on the West End stage (Equus), starring in a gothic horror film (The Woman in Black) and a comedy musical (How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying), and performing the “full Igor” in Frankenstein. Now Daniel Radcliffe has another genre to add to his credits with What If?, his first foray into romcoms.

Nothing seems to faze the 25-year-old star. In fact it seems he’s hardly even noticed his own versatility. “With actors, the only time we talk about one genre versus another is when we’re promoting a film and discussing it with journalists,” smiles Daniel.

“It certainly doesn’t factor in my thought process when I’m picking a role. You’re not thinking, ‘I want to do a romantic comedy, so only show me romcoms from now on.’ You’re just looking for a good script and when What If? came along, I’d already read a few romcoms and it just stood out to me. I wanted to be part of it.”

He might have had cause to regret his decision. Two days before filming started on location in Canada, the producers decided they wanted Daniel to do it in his native west London accent, even though the Fulham-born actor had been rehearsing with a Canadian twang.

He shrugs. “It was basically, ‘You’re not marketable without your English accent,’ which is bad news for all the other stuff I’ve done with American accents. It was one of those ridiculous last-minute panics on their behalf, but I certainly wasn’t going to go, ‘Well, screw you guys, I’m going to put 200 people out of work for the sake of an accent.’”

That’s Daniel all over – eager to please and happy to be working, with not a trace of the ego that could come with being the star of the biggest movie franchise of all time.

He has an estimated personal wealth of more than £60 million, which continues to climb. Harry Potter made him a superstar at the age of 11 but he’s a jobbing actor, not a spoilt brat.

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Another on set cast photo from NYSM2 released

@Johnmchu has released another photo from the set of NYSM2. Its similar to the last photo, just differently posed.


Now You See Me: The Second Act cast photo

A cast photo from the set of Now You See Me: The Second Act has been released with Dan.


Dan updates his Google+ account

Dan updated his Google+ account on the 5th January with this message:

Hi Everyone on Google Plus! Hope you had a great New Years. Yes, that was me in Flint, Michigan! And no, that’s not me in Grimsby. – Dan


Source: Google+

Event appearance photos

Added some photos to the gallery we were missing taken earlier this year:

006 x London Comic Con
034 x What If press conference in LA

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