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Kill Your Darlings.
Character: Allen Ginsberg
Status: Completed.
Release: Out now.
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A Young Doctor's Notebook (S2).
Character: Young Doctor
Status: Completed.
Release: Aired.
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Character: Ig Perrish
Status: Completed.
Release: 31st October 2014.
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The F Word (What if).
Character: Wallace
Status: Completed.
Release: 1st August 2014
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The Simpsons.
Character: Diggs
Status: Post-production.
Release: 25th Season, 2013.
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Character: Seb Coe
Status: Pre-production.
Release: 2015.
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The Cripple of Inishmaan.
Character: Billy
Status: On stage now.
Release: 12th April, Broadway 2014.
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Character: Igor
Status: Post Production.
Release: October 2015.
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Tokyo Vice.
Character: Jake Adelstein
Status: Pre-production.
Release: 2015.
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Brooklyn Bridge.
Character: Washington Roebling
Status: Pre-production.
Release: 2015.
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Added some magazine scans from 2013, Shortlist 14th November and Guardian Weekend 23rd November.

001 002 001 002 004


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What attracted you to that person in the first place? And why did your relationship sour?

This person, in my life, was crazy and wild. That’s what was very attractive about [this person], but ultimately, I had a moment of saying, “Actually, you are just rude and horrible to people.” That f— you attitude to the world, that this person had, is actually pretty dull. When you get to a point when you see that, it’s important to make a decision and move on from it. Because then it starts to define who you are as a person, before you can define who you want to be.

Read the full interview here.

I have added to the gallery some Attitude, Sharp, and Kill Your Darlings photocall photos, check them out here.


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There is an interview with Dan here for Flaunt magazine and some new photos of Dan, which you can see in the gallery. The photos are by Adam Whitehead.

1 2 3 4 5 9

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Dan does get featured in the sexiest Empire movie poll. He came in at number 45. This is what they said.

As the star of one of the biggest franchises ever, you’d forgive Daniel Radcliffe for being at least a tiny bit of a diva. And yet he’s one of the nicest, most down-to-Earth men in show business, hard-working and apparently near egoless. Now that Potter’s behind him and he’s proven himself onstage on and with The Woman In Black, we look forward to seeing what he does next.

We suspect it’s going to be Horns, but since that isn’t out yet, we’re going to have to choose The Woman In Black because suggesting Harry Potter feels wrong.

He can sing The Elements.

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Dan is featured in a 3-page Vogue US June 2013 issue for the promotion of The Cripple of Inishmaan. Credit goes to Snitchsneeker for the scans.

Vogue_-_June_01 2 Vogue_-_June_03

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Out magazine have released two video clips of Dan being interviewed and photographed for the March issue of the magazine. The photos from this shoot if you haven’t already seen them can be found here. Dan talks about his gay character in Kill Your Darlings in the video.

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Some shots of Dan from Out Magazine have been released by the magazine. Check them out here. Read the interview from the magazine’s website.

01 02 03 05 08

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Dan is Out’s March cover star and you can read an excerpt from the interview below and view a couple of photos in the gallery.

When John Krokidas, the director of Beat-genesis movie Kill Your Darlings, approached Daniel Radcliffe to gauge his interest in playing Allen Ginsberg, he was struck by Radcliffe’s humility. Although a marquee name whose involvement could guarantee the investment necessary to make the film, Radcliffe nevertheless insisted on a proper audition.

“I think he was nervous about whether I would want to audition or not, and so at my first meeting with him I said, ‘I want to read, I want to audition,’ because at this point in my career, I am aware that my name brings a certain kind of cachet,” recalls the actor, who is the face of Out’s upcoming March cover. “I want to know that a director wants me for me, rather than for the cachet. I can see why people are skeptical about me playing Allen Ginsberg, because I don’t look like him—although, neither does James Franco—and I’m English and middle class, and not from New Jersey, but that’s what I think is so exciting about it, because people have no idea. I’ve always known I have potential to be a good actor, and I think more than a good actor, but I’ve also at times lacked the tools and didn’t have any training. When John was first auditioning me for Ginsberg, we hadn’t even done the seventh Harry Potter yet, so I was 17 or 18, and he had nothing else to go on apart from the fact that he’d seen me in Equus.”

DanielRadcliffe_main DanielRadcliffe-OUT


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Today Dan has turned 23, so from the Just Dan Website we wish him all the best for today. Leave your birthday wishes in the comments. To celebrate I have scanned Youth Attitude Magazine that Dan featured in March 2012.


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The magazine BULLETT is giving away a signed copy by Dan for the 15000 fan to ‘like’ Bullett magazine on Facebook. Good Luck!

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