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Entertainment Weekly scans

I have the 4 scans from the 8th August 2014 issue of Entertainment Weekly. This issue covered Dan’s time at San Diego Comic Con. Credit to Claudia.

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Empire July 2015 magazine scans

I have scanned the latest issue of Empire July 2015. In this issue, Empire is on the set of Dan’s latest film ‘Victor Frankenstein’ and ‘Trainwreck’.

002 003 005 007


Shortlist February 2012 Magazine scans

I have scanned an old issue of Shortlist magazine, February 2012. This interview was carried out during the promotion of The Woman In Black.

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Press scans

I have added 77 press scans of Dan from various magazines dating as far back as 2001. I hadn’t realised that I hadn’t scanned any of them so enjoy!

001 001 001 001 001

006 x Total Film May 2009
002 x One October 2008
003 x The Sunday Time October 2001
003 x Seven November 2012
001 x Entertainment Weekly September 2001
002 x Empire June 2009
004 x YM 2004
018 x Various
013 x Esquire March 2012
006 x Empire December 2005
005 x Empire August 2008
001 x Empire February 2009
005 x Radio Times May 2010
006 x Radio Times November 2010
002 x Sky Movies October 2010

001 001 001 001 001


Empire 2013

I have added some old scans from Empire June 2013 of Dan.

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Premiere Magazine

Thanks to Josan, I have 4 scans from the October issue of Premiere magazine (French).

dan01 dan02 dan03 dan04


Magazine Scans

I have updated the gallery with some HQ scans that I have done from several magazines, Mental Floss October 2014, Stylist August 2014 and TV & Satellite Week June 2014.

001 002 001 002 001


Total Film Magazine

I have added 8 scans from the latest issue of Total Film (November 2014). The magazine previews ‘Horns’ and there is an interview with Dan.

001 002 003 004 008


As If Magazine

Dan is on the front cover of Issue 5 of the magazine and you can order it online at this link. There is 14 pages dedicated to Dan in the magazine, so worth the buy. Its priced at $25.

Issue nº5 features actor, Daniel Radcliffe captured in a series of character- driven photographs shot by photographer, Tatijana Shoan. Radcliffe opens up about his dreams for the future, how he approaches acting, where he would be today if Harry Potter never happened and the challenges he faced getting naked on stage.

1-2 issue_5


Mental Floss magazine

Dan is featured on the cover of the October 2014 Mental Floss magazine. He is interviewed and there is some great photos of Dan. I have added an excerpt below:

Today I learned that “fadoodling” was a 17th century slang term for having sex.What’s a really good fact you learned recently?
I learned the other day that prostitutes in England used to be called “Winchester Geese,” which is so weird to me. Winchester is a nice cathedral town in the south of England and that it was ever a byword for prurience is kind of amazing.

Where did you learn that?
My friend sent me a photo of just a plaque outside an old cemetery saying “This is where prostitutes, or ‘Winchester Geese,’ used to be buried.’” It was my birthday card, which made it weirder. I also learned not long ago that earwigs have two penises, one in case the other one breaks off—which it often does, apparently, during earwig sex.

In Harry Potter, you had a lightning scar on your forehead. For Frankenstein, which is out next year, you wore hair extensions, and for this movie, you wore horns. What’s more annoying to have applied?
One hundred percent hair extensions. The lightning scar, on the first two films, we essentially painted it on, and after that we used Pros-Aide, which was like a glue [to put it on]. It was very simple. The horns were basically on a wire cage, and we hid the metal under the hair and then blended in the front. But the hair extensions took 14 hours to put in across two days and were a nightmare to live with and wash for the five months I had them. They’re supposed to take 4 to 5 hours to take out, but I think we did them in two because I was just ripping them out of my head.

Here is the full interview here. Here are some photos below from his magazine shoot.

Portrait of actor Daniel Radcliffe by New York celebrity photographer Dale May. 3 4 6 Portrait of actor Daniel Radcliffe by New York celebrity photographer Dale May.

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