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I have already added this to our twitter and Facebook page, but here it is on here.

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Here are a couple of lovely photos of Dan taken by Playboy. You can see them in full in the gallery.   Here is a few snippets from that Q & A below: Q1 You were 12 years old when the firstHarry Potterfilm came out. At what point did you realize the role was going to follow you for the rest of your life? It may have become clear to

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Bloody-digusting.com has some videos of Dan and James McAvoy discussing Victor Frankenstein in these Q&A videos. The first video is Dan and the second video is James’s Q&A:

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First up Game Changer has changed to ‘The Gamechangers’. It now has an air date of Tuesday 15th September, 9pm, BBC 2 and here is the trailer below:

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From freak to sidekick, Daniel Radcliffe explains the journey of Igor. #VictorFrankenstein https://t.co/9Lj52eGTMk — #VictorFrankenstein (@Frankenstein) August 25, 2015

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The official trailers for Victor Frankenstein has finally been released by 20th Century Fox. US (1st) and UK (2nd).

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Watch Dan rap Eminem’s ‘The Real Slim Shady’ with girlfriend Erin Darke in a karaoke bar in California.

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There were plenty of interviews and panels that Dan and James attended to promote ‘Victor Frankenstein’ at the weekend at the San Diego Comic Con. Here is a video by Entertainment Weekly and you can see the others below: Full panel: Approx. 13 minutes Tag it! Game (Super Comic Fun Time) Interview (Super Comic Fun Time) Entertainment Tonight (Behind the scenes, amateur video) Entertainment Tonight IGN MTV(Behind the scenes, amateur video)

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Daniel Radcliffe speaks with Tom Felton and shares his opinion on obsessing over books and films for Tom Felton’s BBC 3 documentary.

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