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Best 5 Property Management Companies In Auckland, Nz

At the end of the day, we share common goals and want what’s best for each other. It may not always be easy, but we’ll come together and figure out how to create what’s best for everyone. There are constant legislative changes that can affect people’s livelihoods. A simple oversight or lack of knowledge can cause anxiety and stress. Property management is more than just managing a property. It’s about building relationships that will help you succeed. We work with you to protect your assets and maximize your return on investment.

Property managers are hired to handle the operations, maintenance, and administration of property rentals for an owner. Property management companies help take care of all landlord-tenant interactions, and communicate expectations up front through clearly outlined rent policies. If necessary, your property manager can also assist with collections and evictions. You’ve lived in Miami all your life, but you don’t know how much winter preparation and maintenance Chicago houses will need. A local property manager can help optimize the maintenance and marketing of your property for where it’s located. The property managers will charge a portion of the rental fee. This is a good deal.

We go above and beyond to take care of things that other property management companies might overlook. One of those is that we arrange the staging of your property where that is required or where we know that it will attract a better class of renters. A well-maintained property will be a benefit to the tenant, the owner and us.

You are largely responsible for your actions when things go wrong, as happened with Trump and Jericho. Property managers aren’t required to keep payments in a separate trust account – like lawyers and real estate agents – and don’t have to contribute to a fidelity fund or carry indemnity insurance. We tick all of the usual property management boxes, of course. We are a specialist, smaller player but pack a big punch. That’s how we like it.

Some companies limit inspections to weekdays, making it difficult for customers. Ask for the inspection to be done at the weekend or at a time when you’re home. Be careful if you are considering hiring a property manager. Landlords already have free access to past Tenancy Tribunal decisions to identify potential problem tenants. They also take rent in advance and have the added security of a bond held by the Department of Building and Housing.

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Our tenants are still here after 5 years and counting. Also Catherine your compassion and understanding for people, your outstanding energy and passion for life and making a difference. Commercial may also find it useful to have experience in areas such as law, construction, quantity surveying, valuation, accounting or finance. Residential property managers can train on the job and gain a New Zealand Certificate in Residential Property Management . Pay for property managers varies depending on skills, experience and the type of work they do. Chances of getting a job as a property manager are good due to increasing demand for their services.

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Rental News is an independent news website based in Wellington, Aotearoa. Send an email to all advertising inquiries and news submissions. Wendell Property is a specialist player that is smaller but packs a big punch. We love it.

I was approached by the idea that “we are here help you in finding the right tenant” and would handle all aspects of signing a tenant. We believe that business can be approached like a family. This is why we are so good at what we do. We have squabbles and celebrations, as well as everything in between.


Setting the highest standard for Property Management by creating comfortable homes and providing a return on investment. Property managers will usually have their own tradespeople and they might not be the cheapest. Landlords are not considered credit providers and are not permitted to access consumer credit information. It is difficult to understand why the same rule does not apply on the Tasman side.

She was a great help during a difficult 18 months. The experience that comes with scale – Ray White NZ manages around 20,000 properties with a combined asset value of more than $16 Billion. Our Client Service Guarantee has been set up to help you get the best results for renting your property. You have way more important things to focus on than emergency midnight calls, late rental payment disputes, and staying up to date with legalities. Star your favourite properties and they’ll display here for easy access.