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Developing Your Own Ultimate Sports Laying System

Straight from the beginning lets sort out one thing, there are not secret betfair techniques to earning thousands quickly. There are no secret systems or golden markets. If you see any systems or products that sound all too good to be true, they probably are!

Nevertheless, there are good ways to improve your chances of winning when you place a bet on a sport event, and these are described in an article titled “Sports Betting: Can You Beat The Bookie? (Part 2)” in the i Rewards section of my site.

In the article, the focus is on systems and their suitability to the sport of choice. There is a lot of information available which could be used to develop your own system, but the article reads more to provide a solution to a problem rather than get people thinking about how to beat the bookie.

There are some very intelligent and logical articles which present valid arguments as to why you could easily beat the bookie, and the author stating the obvious. The article addresses the common arguments put forward by opponents of sport betting, and shows why the wins are achievable.

The overall tone of the article, is that it is not impossible to win on a consistent basis over an extended period of time, but the wins are dependent on the select criteria being matched. The article wisely states that you cannot win all of the time, and firms up the possibility of losing a few bets, rather than the others. This sets the scene for the possibility of future winning, rather than a guarantee that the bets will always win.

The final nail in the sports betting coffin, is when the author reveals how he has been able to maintain his winnings, for a proportion of his sports bets over a number of years. Put simply, he has been clever in selecting the games and the teams, which have been winning over a long period, and avoiding the ones with the less expected wins, or even a losing record.

There are a lot of people who will try to sell you quick and easy ways to win your bets, when in reality, the only one profiting from such “shortcuts” would be the bookie.

In this article I have tried to present the case for the virtues of betting against the points spread, in an effort to remove any doubt that it can be a profitable investment. The only way to win in this system is to match all the selections on a single ticket. For this to happen, you would have to win each bet outright on every selection, but the fewer games you bet on, the higher your payout will be for matching wins.

From a realistic point of view, it is possible to turn over a profit of around 5% on a series of bets with a limit of say 7 or 8 bets. In a normal season, you can expect to turn over a profit of around 3% on your first 8 bets, and a profit of 5% on your last 7 bets. This means you can have a secure overall 55% season, by selecting only winners.

One of the reasons many sports fans fail to earn money betting on their favourite team is the high risk nature of bet placing. By betting against the points spread, you limit the amount of money you have to lose, should your chosen team or player performed incorrectly.

If you know a lot about the sport you are betting on, you can take advantage of “torrenotes” or the traditional price patterns displayed by the bookmakers. These regularly change and can indicate if a price trend has been achieved. torrenotes allow you to bet with a high likelihood of winning your bet.

In order to guarantee a profit, you need to do some serious homework to identify a situation that will likely benefit from arbitrage. One of the ways to do this is to check out the statistics and record the results of the last few matches. It is possible to make substantial profit, by betting on a series of outcomes within a single match.

However, you need to be careful as two or more outcomes may also provide the opportunity to back a losing bet. Also, avoid back-form pieces of paper, as they will just confuse you and lose the opportunity to reduce the betting amount, when you should be increasing your bets.

You should always evaluate the price before you place the bet. Do not rely on prices posted by message boards. Prices are subject to considerable variations, which are often caused by bets that already have been placed. Furthermore, you should consider the maximum duration of the event, in order to better determine the likely outcome.